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When you join Podify, you're joining an exclusive network of professionals that recognize the value and power of trusted referrals.

Take Your Business Anywhere

Podify empowers entrepreneurs and professionals to easily interact with their clients while on the go, manage their appointments, streamline payment processing and drive new business to their front doors - all from the palm of their hands.

How It Works

Introducing The First Mobile Marketplace For The Modern Entrepreneur

You spent years building a strong network of like-minded business professionals and with Podify you can leverage your network to generate income from new revenue streams.

Business Partners Everywhere

Pod Network + Team Builder

Podify empowers entrepreneurs by providing a mobile platform that mirrors the way business is done in the real world to grow their businesses by leveraging the power of their professional networks.

The Power of Teamwork

Take the first step and begin building your Pod Network by inviting the professionals that you already refer clients and friends to join you Podify so you all can begin dominating business together.

Get Paid for Networking

Podify rewards team-building to help professionals create their Pod Networks by paying $10 per month for each new professional invited to join Podify every month these professionals renew their subscriptions.

Referrals Drive Revenue

Referral Marketplace + Business Generator

How many times have you referred a client or friend to another business professional? 
Why are you not getting paid for making these connections?

Better Than Advertising

There's nothing more powerful than referrals to drive new business. Small business is driven by the power of word of mouth from both happy customers and trusted colleagues. With Podify both of these referral sources are incentivized to send new customers to small business owners.

Rewarding Word of Mouth

Podify helps professionals take their businesses to the next level by providing a solution that mirrors the way business is done in the real world. With Podify, professionals can turn their network into a referral marketplace to incentivize others to refer new business as well as get paid for sending referrals.

Simple Business Solutions

Management Tools + Creative Designs

To take your business to the next level you need innovative solutions that enhance the business you worked hard to build.

Master Your Workweek

Innovative Schedule + Real-time Appointments

Basic Features

Easily manage your schedule with Podify's dynamic day, week and month calendar views. Book your clients for private or group appointments, seamlessly sync these appointments with your device calendars and save time with automated notifications sent to all of your clients.

Advanced Features

Let Podify's powerful advanced features act as your personal assistant by helping you fill your open time slots. Once you set up your work hours and activate client functionality, then your clients will have the ability to book and manage their own appointments within your calendar.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Secure Billing + Mobile Payments

Innovative Features

Easily set up a merchant account to accept all major credit cards through Podify's built-in Point-of-Sale payment processing system allowing your clients to add gratuity and sign right on your phone.

With Podify, you can create custom invoices for selling your services or products as well as easily generate invoices for your client's appointments on your schedule.

 With Podify, you can also send invoices to your clients via SMS or email for online payments and you can easily keep track of your client's appointments that are part of a prepaid package with Podify's service credits functionality.

Track Your Performance

Dynamic Reporting + Business Analytics

Billing Snapshot

Billing Snapshot is the visual analysis of how well your business is performing by displaying all activities related to invoices, payments and receipts with your clients.

Referrals Snapshot

Referral Snapshot is the visual analysis of how well your referral marketplace is performing by displaying all activities related to sending and receiving client referrals.

Invitations Snapshot

Invitations Snapshot is the visual analysis of how well your network is performing by displaying all activities related to inviting other professionals to join your Pod Network.

See What Your Peers Say About Podify


“I have been running my own business for 20+ years and have tried almost every software solution available to help me manage my day-to-day. Podify stands alone."

Donovan Green 

Celebrity Personal Trainer

"Podify’s app streamlines every aspect of my business including my client management, appointments, billing and reporting. There’s truly nothing like it on the market today.”

Christina Estrada

Chief Editor for ISSA

"Podify allows me to create a network with other trusted professionals so we can drive new business to each other and generate more income through the power of referrals."

Tyree Washington

Former World's Fastest Man

Intuitive Client Solutions

Client Management + Relationship Technology

Client Management 

Podify simplifies managing all of your client's information, records and notes in one convenient place.

 Every professional gets a business phone number that integrates in-app chat and SMS client messages. 

Podify is free for your clients and there is zero set-up required to get your clients started using Podify.

Clients Love Podify

When your clients create their free Podify account they gain access to a bunch of additional features.

Clients can easily book and manage their appointments as well as automatically pay their invoices.

Clients also can earn money for referring clients to professionals and for inviting pros to join Podify.

Communication Made Simple

Automated Notifications + Dynamic In-App Chat

Automated Notifications 

Podify offers automated notifications sent to your clients via SMS and Email. Notifications are sent for appointments, invoices, receipts and referrals. Clients can easily respond to all notifications by clicking the link in the SMS or Email.

Dynamic In-App Chat 

Podify offers dynamic In-App Chat with your clients and connected professionals. Within the chatrooms you have access to all actions taken with the other person including appointments, payments, referrals and all chat messages.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Business Settings + Getting Started Tips

Getting Started Tips

After you create your account, you will land on the Podify Dashboard. Here you will see 5 Getting Started Tips that interactively walk you through the basic getting started functionalities to help you get going.

Business Settings

Open the left drawer and tap the Settings button. Here you can set up all of your business settings including your Account, Services, Locations, Calendar Sync, Profile, Referral Offering and Merchant Account.

Info Button Tutorial

We strategically placed 50 info buttons throughout the Podify mobile app as a tutorial to help you learn about Podify's powerful features, so you have access to all the info right where you need it.

Podify is currently available for iPhone and iPad users

All invited professionals receive a 30-day free trial to start using Podify

After your free trial, you can easily subscribe using your iTunes account.

Podify Premium is $34.99 Monthly Subscription

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